Could the BNP kindly jump off a cliff?

Just the kind of fuckeries we need this Wednesday afternoon. Seems like twat-of-the-century, Nick Griffin's feeling were hurt when Lethal Bizzle wrote that somebody should kill the BNP leader (not a bad idea...) and he's now suing him for it. This was for something Lethal said on his personal twitter page. I'm not exactly sure about the law on that but it doesn't prevent this from falling squarely into the "fuckeries" category.


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Anonymous said...

You'd be calling it racism if it was about Obama.

Friday's Afro said...

No, I'd call it racism WHEN they say all non-whites should basically piss off to any where but green green England, I know I don't agree with or that I would post any death threats or encourage anyone to kill anyone else but that man and his party are bigoted racist scum. So sue me.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

a. I doubt this is actually a call to arms, I mean who listens to Lethal B anyway?
b. What Mr Ansah said was not actually racist anon so your point is...?
c. Did you read the posts after that God-awful article? Which quotes lyrics out of 'POW' that are NOT actually Lethal B's, lol. At least get your info right. Nice to get a reminder every now and then that racism is real. KMT.

And I agree which Friday's 'Fro the BNP are a nasty party of bigoted racist pricks as the posts after the article and the article itself made clear. So come on then, try kick me out then, you prats.

Anonymous said...

£50000 is a better deal than the dead white farmers got in SA and its a choice, unlike the dead white farmers got, nothing racist there then?

Anonymous said...

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