Back to the Future

I am back in Ghana for the first time in 6 years. This is my second ever visit and it feels so different coming back. It's funny that coming here aged 18 I was really impressed by my country. I think being born and raised in the UK, my family back home expected me to be wholly underwhelmed. People hyped up Ghana's negatives in an attempt to make the country seem better to me than they had advertised it to be. It seemed to me to be a ploy. A rather perverse way to make me fall in love with my heritage.

This strategy was misguided to say the least. I was more than ready to love Ghana. Contrary to popular belief (in Ghana), many of us abrokyirefuo enkola are more than ready to embrace the country of our parents. It helps give a sense of identity when living in a country (like the UK) where people forever ask 'where are you really from?'.

This return journey however sees me in a much different mood. I'm in Accra for a few days (which to me equals me being lost! Being from a pure Kumasiano family--don't judge me :P) am I'm taking a better look than the fleeting glance of a few years back.

All of a sudden I am not so impressed. It's like looking at a beautiful picture with cracks in it. As I've grown older I think I have become more and more invested in being a Ghanaian. I am emotionally invested in our sport (as you can tell), politics, language and culture. But the more invested I am, the more pain I seem to feel. It's like watching a child with 'so much potential' hit 30...and all that they have achieved is the title of 'the former child with so much potential'.

Arguments that diasporian Ghanaians should come 'back home' and set to rights their country have always erked me. Firstly, because in many ways for people like me it is no more 'coming home' that it is for any random African-American. It's just not really home. You see, you can never mistake home, love it or hate it there are particular emotions linked to the idea of home that separate diasporians from our 'home-grown' counterparts. Secondly, I think it is somewhat disrespectful to barge in and take over what you don't know. Who am I as a diasporian to Waltz in and decide my way is better? There is much to be said for local knowledge. It's priceless.

Nonetheless, I feel disappointed somehow in Ghana. There is a lot to be done and I feel like the country has stagnated. But there is also much to be hopeful for. There is a generation emerging who want to make a change; I want to be a part of that somehow. I need to find my place in helping to get it all done.

Ashanti version of 'community platforms'

I am hoping to travel to Ghana in the next month with my family. This is a well and eagerly waited-for trip, and I can't wait to be outta here and sunning myself in the GH! So, I wanted to look at some pics of the ol' homeland and typed in a few areas I am interested in visiting and revisiting, you know, Accra, Kumasi, Koforidua (shout out to my homegirl Sankofa) and from Wikipedia came the link,, billed as community platform for Ashanti region. And I say 'cool, interesting'. So I'm scanning, Opoku Nti for Asante Kotoko - and I say 'cool', Majid did not finger me-Nadia - cool, eliminating child labour, the success story - great! power cuts annoying Ghanaians - 'pff, understatement' and I laugh hahahhahahah- huh? wait wait wait REEEEWIIIND back to Majid did not finger me ...
and I say... WoW

OK, enough of that, back to work.

In Anticipation...

Yes, yes, yes! I am a football addict. FACT. There. I said it.

Now on to more important less than 2 hours my country of heritage, GHANA will be facing the might of Forlan's Uruguay. To say I am nervous is an understatement. Being house-bound with my foster bro while all my peoples are out at the Ghanaian London spots...Gold Coast Norwood, Gold Coast Brixton, Ekubanz...WHERE EVER...I just wanna put it out there. I wish my BLACK STARS all the best. Win, draw or lose they have made me so proud. Right now, it's great to be a Ghanaian!

And just to keep that smile on your's the 'Asamoah Gyan dance'...

Let's hope that by the end of today we still have a reason to smile :D

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