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I am hoping to travel to Ghana in the next month with my family. This is a well and eagerly waited-for trip, and I can't wait to be outta here and sunning myself in the GH! So, I wanted to look at some pics of the ol' homeland and typed in a few areas I am interested in visiting and revisiting, you know, Accra, Kumasi, Koforidua (shout out to my homegirl Sankofa) and from Wikipedia came the link,, billed as community platform for Ashanti region. And I say 'cool, interesting'. So I'm scanning, Opoku Nti for Asante Kotoko - and I say 'cool', Majid did not finger me-Nadia - cool, eliminating child labour, the success story - great! power cuts annoying Ghanaians - 'pff, understatement' and I laugh hahahhahahah- huh? wait wait wait REEEEWIIIND back to Majid did not finger me ...
and I say... WoW

OK, enough of that, back to work.


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Sankofa said...

Can I come?! I clicked on the link and their homepage seems to be faulty. Knowing that Majid Michel did NOT finger Nadia Buari has made my life complete in every way.

Kwame said...

Hi there!

I am Kwame, the initatior and developer of the community platform for Kumasi and Ashanti Region.

First, many thanks for reviewing this project it was very motivating to read...

I'm sorry you experienced some troubles on the site, our "very reliable" hosting provider has changed to another server leaving us with a faulty installation. We are looking for sponsors in order to move to a better provider. Well, enough of the excuses.

Please be advised that as at now we are back in business and we have updated the site as well - so: ALL ARE WELCOME!

You are invited to 'try again' and in case you have to report news related to Ashanti Region, you can login on and then click on the "Submit Content" button on the bottom right (only visible when logged in!).

Once logged in, you could submit news, blog entries, reviews, events, classified ads, hyperlinks (to your blog for instance), or you can submit a business profile (only if you are located in Ashanti Region), you can also submit a dating profile if you are interested meeting up with Ashanti's and you can post any issues that you have with or Ashanti Region in the forum. You can also request new features on the forum.

Left to say that is a fairly new site (just about 3 months online) - Thanks helping us to spread the word!!

Best regards!


Kwame said...

Sorry for the spelling.. it is of course initiator...

You may want to read our current feature article: Rest in peace at Tafo Cemetery in Kumasi?

Thanks for commenting ;)


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