love letter

I received a letter today from a man who NEVER writes letters, (trust me I've asked him for about two years to write me one!) It was so sweet, and in French and just..lovely!

Now, it's been hard going with this man, what was meant to be an island fling was forcibly converted into a lifelong commitment (through no fault of my own...I blame the baby lol) and there were times when I just couldn't wait to get away, imagine this I felt trapped by the baby and not him! Well there have been many terse words and intense silences between us but we decided to talk a few weeks ago and be clear about what we each wanted, he talked more than me but I managed to make myself clear that:
a) I'm NOT moving to a certain francophone Caribbean island as I will probably end up stuck at home with no career prospects OR in jail having killed his mother...kidding,
b) I want to finish my million masters' before I settle down because otherwise I might never do them,
c) We need a girl.
A very productive conversation that was, and so I was full of hope for our reunion in Paris, and apart from the ususal uselessness of men (calling me from sleep to change a nappy...are you Dumb? and no I did NOT do it!) it was all really ok, better than ok actually, GREAT! We laughed at the same stuff that nobody else found funny, we went out and saw the sights, we talked about our memories together and the things to come, it was just lovely! The baby took a bit of time getting used to daddy but I wasn't itching to get away, I enjoyed myself and it felt natural...AnD he bought lovely pressies (including a few designer garms!) AnD he has begun a change in personality that I thought would never happen - GOD IS GOOD!

Do good things always come to those who wait? With men, I don't think so , but sometimes you just have to have patience (and pray!) and for now I'm just happy happy happy - I say for now because I have never been one to fool myself that I'll get what I think I deserve -but as I said, I've seen some changes and for now (there it is again!) All is right with the world.

P.S while in Paris I watched the French X factor ( pronounced ix facteurrrr) and a blond rockky-chick sang a song called "Ca, C'est Vraiment Toi" about a wo/man and his/her quirks and their effect on the wo/man and how with all that it couldn't really be anyone else, and how that suited them fine and I really like that so here it is::::


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Shels said... jail for killing his mother paaa...too funny.

Afrocentric said...

ma cherie, je suis contente qu'il y a de la paix entre toi et le pere du bebe. Quand meme, quelque fois, les hommes sont ignorants!, le chanson est nul!
(I'm happy that thing's are working out between the two of you. All the same, men can be so silly sometimes!...and the song is rubbish!)

Anonymous said...

lmao ix facteurrrrr and ahem about that song..I think, coz it was sang in french, it didnt float my boat but I love the beat.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

Awww! Hold on to the happiness, sometimes it takes people a while to settle. I pray it's the start of a zillion wonderful things and good times.

Ummmm...allow the dodgy French music though!

Sankofa said...

Happy for you. Et la chanson n'est PAS super! Ou est MC Solaar quand tu lui chercherait? ('Scuse the grammar)

Friday's Afro said...

Oh sharrap the lot of ya! The song is a tune.
thanks for the comments!
@ Sankofa, heavy french babes - seriously WOW

Myne Whitman said...

This reads like a very lovely story, I'm happy for three of you. And true, the song wasn't all that, LOL

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