Hair Happy

I am finally facing up to my 'real' natural hair...I've been natural for three years now, and the first year was mostly spent in braids or the small afro, the second year, I was mostly pregnant, and my hair was flowing, soft, curly and long! Then ... I gave birth and with the final push went all my beautiful hair, the front quite literally d
d out (and those telling me "it's because you had a boy" were of NO HELP WHATSOEVER!) it became 'unmanageable' and short, and I let myself be convinced into texturising it, wow was I enchanted by those loose curls and few extra inches, but like most things it had to come to an end, a stringy dead end HaHa. After this I decided, no more messing about! I cut off all the texturised bits and started again (again!) and now I have had short dyed gel twists, cornrows, full afro, weaves+braid combis and countless weaves. But I'm happy, my hair is really real again, if I wash it and (gasp) don't blow-dry it then I have an small, edgy afro which I can pull at to create some texture, but when I blow-dry it it is surprisingly long! I was getting a blow-dry up north in Liverpool, and there were white people getting weave tracks (trust me BIG BUSINESS UP THERE!) these women were amazed at the difference in length from when I first sat in the chair.

I just sat there demurely pretending I couldn't hear their gasps of astonishment... and when my Scouse cousin said, 'gosh girl, you've got a lot of hair!' I...JUST...SMILED ;-)

P.S I don't y'all seeing the real me haha x


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