Nick Griffin may have won...but he's still an eternal loser

Ok, I know that sometimes (maybe slightly more often than sometimes) I can drip pure vitriol about certain people. Occasionally its unjustified. But this isn't. This is the BNP. This is Nick Griffin. Scum of the earth type personality, etc. etc...I'm sure you understand where I am going with this...

Anyhoo, back to the most recent reason to dislike him. So it seems that the BNPs racist membership rules are OK. Like WTF?!?!?! To be fair anyone who wants to join the BNP has many deep rooted issues and probably suffers from regular psychotic breaks. Plus, any 'ethnic minority' who's wishes to do so has very clearly lost their mind. But the issue is that if the BNP were allowed the 'free speech' to hate anyone (Read: ME) who is not a part of their Aryan dream, then everyone else (Read: ME) has the right to not be subjected to discrimination if they wish to become a BNP member (God forbid). Or to just genuinely twart their plans by making sure that the discriminatory practices which they thrive on are disallowed (yay!).

Their membership rules were deemed discriminatory by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, who then took court actions against them. In response to this action against their rules the party revised their constitution (still seems racist to me but it is less overt). These snaky moves by the snaky BNP to avoid facing the music seems to have allowed them to get away with a more indirectly racist membership protocol. Whatever. Point is, they are racists and we all know it. They've won this stupid battle but I still applaud the Equality and Human Rights Commission for doing their bit in our war against the racists.

After all, if the behaviour of the BNP keeps them monitored and under scrutiny, the ruling is almost irrelevant. Plus they are eternal losers anyway.


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