I had a whole post planned about a new year and new beginnings and all that but when I heard about the earthquake in Haiti, I promptly forgot about all of that. For thousands of Haitians, there will be no new beginnings. This is a country, the poorest in the western hemisphere, that has seen her "new beginning" falter time and time again. This event is another blow to her legacy and it is the most shocking yet. I cannot possibly imagine the scale of the devastation nor can I begin to understand the helplessness the Haitian people must be feeling right now. All I can do is urge. If there are any helplines in the country in which you live, I ask you to donate. Haitian singer Wyclef Jean's foundation Yele is accepting donations, as is Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without borders) and the International Red Cross. There is news coverage of the earthquake on all major news outlets at the moment so it's not difficult to keep informed.

Let's all send out some prayers for our brothers ans sisters in Haiti. How much suffering can one nation take?


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Afrocentric said...

Thank you for highlighting this issue. Haiti's plight needs to be brought to everybody's attention. I will remember Haiti in my prayers. And I shall also be donating a few pounds to help out.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

The new millenium has not been kind to this little country. It is true, how much suffering can one country take? In terms of both political and natural disasters. It's all about prayer and finacnial support now!

Last Born Child said...

Well said.

In the nation's darkest hour, our humanity of must shine through.

P.S. Not to take away fromt he great charities and organizations that you've mentioned, but Actionaid is another reputable organization doing good work on the ground in Haiti and I believe they are accepting clothes / bedding etc.

Myne Whitman said...

We've donated some money to the charieites and will keep praying for them. May the souls of the dead RIP and God console and strengthen those left behind.

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