New Year, New Beginnings!

Happy New Year Everyone!I hope you enjoyed your holidays. Now that 2010 is finally with us, what do you hope to achieve? Although 2009 came with its good times, the biggest one for me being graduation, I must say I am glad it is over.

I feel much more positive about this year, I know the job hunting will finally lead to a new job, and I will finally be able to leave the world of retail! (I am not knocking it beacsue at the end of the day a job is a job!) I am just saying that season is over for me.

Also, I am praying things on the relationship front will start looking up. I intend to shake off the ex, who refuses to leave me alone although he lives miles away in Ghana. On top of that, I am done pining over guys whose phone calls I didn't even smell although they swore up and down they would text or call.

Next, the weight I steadily and slowly gained over 2009 has got to GO! (So that will be a big NO to big tins of maple syrup and large bars of Galaxy) ...OK, not totally, but just not as much as before. Lol!

This is just the beginning, there are a whole load of other things I intend on improving this year, but we'll take it one step at a time.

What are your thoughts about the new year? What do you want to improve/ change in you life? SHARE SHARE SHARE!


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Myne Whitman said...

Happy new year to you guys too and all the best in your resolutions. 2010 will surely be greater than the last.

As for me, I hope to complete another book. I want it to be better than my debut, A heart to Mend.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Happy new year! For me, 2009 was a difficult year, so just like you I hope for happier times, both professionally and personally. I also hope for more members and activities of! Thanks for being a member of our group also in 2010!

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

If you want to lose weight..maybe normally you eat 3 plaintain, maybe this time you eat 2...stellar weight loss advice from Aunty M!!! Muhahahaha!!!

Afrocentric said...

@ Myne Whitman, happy new year to you! I wish you all the best with your novel. Please keep us posted about its progress. I will be more than happy to read it and write a review on our blog once it's out.

Afrocentric said...

@ Kajsa I really feel you about 2009 being difficult. We thank God for 2010! This year will be a great one for everybody! Thank you for allowing us to become members!
By the way, is there any chance of setting up monthly meetings in London for the Ghana Bloggers in this side of the world?

Afrocentric said...

@ Nsoromma lol!! hahaha!! "It is not about diet at all" lol. I know not to look to Auntie M for diet advice.

LoveWasTheEgg said...

lmao of Nsoromma's comment! We're all guilty of taking 3 instead of 2 plaintains! Its the cakes that get me, oh how they get me! But yes I too am happy that 2009 is finally done, I can only see 2010 as positive for everyone :-)

Anonymous said...

happy new year - my plan is to travel n get a better job

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