God bless our homeland Ghana...

As Ghanaian Londoners it would be pretty difficult to let this day go by without wishing everyone a happy Ghana Independence Day! Ayekoo Ghana!

Our wonderful Republic has just turned 54 and we give thanks for that.

Sometimes we get down on our people when we look at the natural resources we have, the money in our national coffers and the money in the politicians hands it seems like we have nothing to celebrate. But it no be so.

We live in a stable land, we live in a safe democracy. Our fellow African brothers in the North (Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, even Sudan) have been fighting for the very thing that we so often take for granted. People are fighting and dying because of political repression in the neighbouring Côte d'Ivoire. Also, we have a human resource in those of us in the Diaspora...we are always welcome home, it's no so for every person outside their country. We can chose to go home where we can help use what we have and work with our family back home to enrich our nation. We are indeed a blessed nation.

God bless our homeland Ghana!


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Afrocentric said...

Amen to everything you have just said! Ghana is indeed blessed. Of course we still have a long way to go, but we also have a lot to celebrate!

I would definitley like to go back home (yes, I said "home") one day to help make our nation even greater!

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

I do love Ghana and being Ghanaian. Nothing else compares! One day I will also go home and do my part too!

LNFAW said...


Froso M. said...

Ηappy independence day from me too!

Froso from Style Nirvana.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

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