Don’t MAKE Me Take It There!

How come some people just don't know when to quit?

There are people in my life who I could swear were created for the sole purpose of aggravating and upsetting me. It's a conceited, the-whole-world-revolves-around-me view but really, at times like this I'm certain I am right! Let me throw out a word of warning to the wise. I told you so is the single most f********ing annoying thing you can say to me!!!!!!!! Because by the time you've said it I'd have already apologised, therefore, I'm only ever gonna think you are deliberately trying to piss me off. Or else why do it?

Also, how come some people can totally block out what you say to them and expect you to listen to all the minute details of their drear and frankly miserable life? Talking to some people is literally like talking to a brick wall. They repeat the same nonsense they said 20 seconds earlier with no hint or suggestion that they even heard what you had said to them. That's not a conversation; it's a frigging soliloquy so if you want just repeat your nonsense over and over DO NOT expect me to want to listen. What you should expect is that it will over a period of time start to really annoy me and I'll either block YOU out or tell you to shut the f***** up!

Also, I'm of a somewhat, erhm, fiery temperament. If you shout at me chances are 9 ¾ times out of 10 I will bloody shout back. So don't shout, thanks. Muchos Gracias. So if you have known me for a number of years, you will know that I WILL shout back so if you shout at me you are looking for it. If I then give it to you WHY THE HELL ARE YOU COMPLAINING?!?!?!

Look, I'm well aware that it's a whole 'Ghanaian respect' thing that says that you should stand like a bloody mute and take abuse from your 'seniors'. I'm still at a loss as to why the fact that your parents got freaky before mine can make someone think I'll roll over and take the bullshit. But I try, I really do then the South-London-Black-Bitch in me kicks in, let's say 10 minutes. I think I do well. TEN BLOODY MINUTES. After that I think I'm well within my rights to tell you to stick it where the sun don't shine.

Rant, over....

Thanx guys, it's been real


Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens

N.B. Reading this back has been kind of therapeutic. I feel calmer and I'm actually laughing at what I wrote. I even feel like apologising, but then the problem with apologising that I've always had (as in seriously from childhood), is that when you apologise the other person half the time still doesn't see the wrong they have done. They feel vindicated and oh-so-right, which means that they are still gonna make me scream...grrr, perhaps Nsoromma need to take a chill pill!


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