This is just a quick one but I just saw a couple of articles on BBC that made me "hmm" a little. First up is a man I'm tempted to call an idiot. Hey it's just my opinion! Anyway, this lovely gentleman from our esteemed country has decided to name his son Silvio Berlusconi. O_O Really? You're going to name your child after the Prime Minister of a country with, quite frankly, dodgy immigration policies (particularly towards Africans) and a country where one can find signs claiming "There are no black Italians" at football games? This man who is a walking joke to most people (including Italians). This is a man who is more known for calling Obama "suntanned" and his numerous plastic surgeries than anything actually worthwhile. This is a man, who after a devastating earthquake in Abruzzo region of Italy last year, advised the homeless survivors to treat their plight as a "camping weekend". This is a man who has happily admitted that Italian deportation centres are no better than concentration camps. I could go on an on about Berlusconi's numerous faults but then I would just get more depressed. No wonder somebody clocked him one.

This was on the front page of the news section btw. I just think it's sad that this is the second time in a few months that I've seen Ghana mentioned on the front page of the BBC news website. The first time for a bogus earthquake, and the second time for this nonsense. Makes you wonder....

Here's an excerpt from the article:

A Ghanaian immigrant to Italy has named his son after Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, despite his government's tough policy on immigration.
Anthony Boahene told an Italian newspaper: "I like the way Berlusconi talks, the way he moves."
Asked about Mr Berlusconi's tough stance on immigration, he said: "It's fine, laws need to be observed."
Mr Boahene said he would like his son Silvio to study politics and to become president of Ghana or Italy.
 Second up is this story about a recall on baby slings in America and Canada. I used to love baby slings and I remember eagerly waiting for Friday's Afro to drop mini-Friday's Afro just so I could carry him in a sling! Then one day I realised that baby slings are just posh versions of this:
End of story.


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Tye said...

There's no question that I love and am proud to be Ghanaian, but sometimes...

Last Born Child said...

^ What Tye said!

Everyday I work to break through stereotypes and misconceptions.

Then something like this happens. Ebei.

Raine said...

Inferiority complex coupled with stupidity... or something similar.

Poor kid :(

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

K.M. Bloody T

Of all the people?!?!?

Why not just call you child Adolf Hitler and be done with it?


Mike said...

The child sling thing! Very important. There are many things that we do in Africa that dont need to change. Since the continent is still "developing", we ought to look at the track record of the "developed" countries. I used to think the child sling thing was cool too but here we are with a recall.
An example of the next thing to pay attention to: Genetically Modified Produce. In the US today, there is a movement to go back to organic foods and completely quit genetically modofied products. Cant believe people in major cities in the US have actually started rearing chickens in their backyards so they can have organic eggs for breakfast.

Afrocentric said...

I have to say this post actually ruined my day. Just when I thought Ghanaians were becoming forward thinking, someone goes and throws a Silvio Berlusconi shaped spanner in the works. KMT. The man reperesents extreme poor leadership and some one wants to name his child after him? He is seriously Europe's answer to Idi Amin. Parents: THINK before you burden your child with a name. You know the'll have to carry that name for the rest of their lives.

And regarding the sling: like my mum says, the black man comes up with an idea/ works hard to invent something, then the white man will chuck something facny at it and sell it to the rest of the world.

Sankofa said...

@Tye It makes you cry for our people right?

@Last Born Child Exactly my point. Why are Ghanaians becoming regular fixtures of the "weird but wonderful section of the news?

@Raine That kid is going to be bullied!

@Nsoromma Even calling his kid Gordon Brown would have been a (marginally) better bet.

@Mike The world is a funny one isn't it? Human beings just don't know what we want anymore.

@Afrocentric Aunty Orrrrrivia is collect!

Anonymous said...

what kind of coonery is this?

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