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I love the video to Boga Boga by Sarkodie, I thought it was slick and well done. It fits the song so well, which is rare for a GH music video. My GH people's finally making it happen behind the lens for the good music. So I did a little search on the director of the video, Gyo Gyimah from Phamous Philms.

Phamous Philms are also responsible for the I think I Like Am video by VIP, Fire by Becca ft. Samini (terrible song!) Fresh Ones (Shaka Zulu) by 4x4 and Swagger by Ruff 'n' Smooth.

I'm impressed! The poorest, is the video for I think I Like Am, but to be honest I think it's a bad song anyway. The picture quality is so much better, although the shirts worn by VIP in that video are shocking and I don't understand why Ruff n' Smooth and 4x4 are only using light or white girls in their respective videos. Is Ghana not generally a country of black people? Am I wrong for wanting a bit of black female representation in these video's...Anyhoo....The video quality is a definite marked improvement from old school video's like Obour's Menwu Biom or Kontihene's Esi (damn! I still love this song!).

A solid portfolio by Phamous Philms. Hopefully bad quality music videos are now a thing of the past. Now time to tackle content...


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Afrocentric said...

I love all three videos. I seriously think even though we have had some pretty bad music vids, it was a stage the Ghanaian entertainment industry (if such a thing exists) had to pass through to get to where its at. Anyway, hats off to Sarkodie. I love this man's flow, and the video is banging!

Sankofa said...

Swagger was officially my Xmas 09/10 anthem. I managed to make all my cousins threaten murder if I didn't stop. Result!

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