It seems that the earlier posted epic day is becoming a 'day' in bible terms, (i.e who knows how much time it actually measures?)
Ghana is still on top, 3rd african team to reach the final eight in history and the only this world cup!!!!!! Saturday was a good day but then...Sunday came, wow Engurland boi - I actually feel sorry for them because if Lampard's goal had been allowed I think it would have been a different game, the ref is a twat, sorry boys.
Anyway it was not easy but I have decided to pick myself up and start the vigil for Ghana - South America what? Uruguay who? We got the fans to do it and the soccer to play it so COME ON BLACK STARRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Also I LOVED the 'I am Ghana' thing, wicked!


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Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

Saturday was just too much for me! Too hype, too great! I lost my voice in my post-match celebrations.


We have a fun to play, we have a soccer to do it....WE EVEN BEAT UNITED STATES FOR WORLD CUP...they did it, they did it BUT THE COULDN'T! Lmao

Oseeee yeeeee Ghana-oooooooooooooooo!

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