Dilemmas and Decisions

After being repeatedly harangued by Sankofa about my lack of contribution I today braved the world of blogging for the first time...Hiya!!!!!!!!

I've always wondered what drives people to write all this non-related stuff on the 'intinet' (lol!) and expected people to read it? Nonetheless here I am joining the legions of people writing whatever comes to mind on the internet and do you know, it's oddly cathartic as I sit in my mates bed at roughly 3.30pm on a Tuesday knowing that coursework and revision are calling out to me, slowly eating into my ability to enjoy life...and living it (lol! Yes I KNOW the way I slid that in was ever so corny but I DON'T CARE!). Alas, whilst I have no interest in revising research methods or writing my second essay on voluntary sector policy I must admit the £7000 odd I'm paying for my blimming degree is damn good incentive in causing me to reconsider the judgement that has me sitting here wishing to do ANYTHING but revise. I know my fellow 'life...and living it' girls are feeling me because we are each in the same boat.

The dilemma comes about because the learning into which we have each been 'encouraged', some to a lesser extent than others, in an ever-so-Ghanaian manner (Go to school, read your books! You must be an accountant or lawyer...what is this nonsense about studying Art?! Kwasia!) to get 'good' jobs and go out into the world of work, make money et cetera. But as I sit here I wonder how right they all were...the world as we know it seems to be currently falling apart. APPARENTLY, the bottom has fallen out of the job market due to the 'global, financial and economic crisis' and ex-high flying bankers are taking the boring mundane jobs our parents wanted us to fill instead. And it WOULD be now in the midst of this turmoil that the education system is preparing to spit me quite unprepared into the world of work which my lawyer friend, whose bed I am currently lounging in, tell me sucks.

And all this when I should be revising for my exams.

Now, to the dilemma...do I work my socks off trying to get a distinction for this silly masters so that I am catapulted to the front of the queue of desperate jobseekers or do I actively not do my best so I can fail, be forced to retake and so delay entry to the boring world of work until all the ex-high flying bankers take this set of mundane jobs and I get a chance at the next set? Hmmm, decisions, decisions....

All this has got me to thinking....I should have gone to the Slade School and studied ART!


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Anonymous said...

I have a fun job that i got through blogging and it pays me better than any lawyer or banker my age in Ghana. Just follow your heart and have fun. There is such a thing as a fun job.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

I guess your right, anon, but sometimes it hard to see the forest for the trees if you see what I mean. I'm sure our parents do not actively wish misrable work on us, it just seems to be a by-product of 'doing well'....such a shame...I do like what I've been learning, I did resist the parental pressure mostly. Maybe it's just the job market here worrying me...how is it in Ghana?

"MWANAFUNZI" said...

Our parents don't know everything... that's all I can say :-). They should have told us we could own the law firm and not just work in it. Read Art... Follow your heart... but use your mind. Peace.

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