Say what?!

Now most people who know me know that I have a somewhat gentle obsession with misspelt signage. I have a love/ hate relationship with this because although they may provide me with many instances of unexpected mirth, I can't get over the sheer laziness of having a misspelt sign outside your shop. How can you expect me to take you and your business seriously when you're offering me an "intinet cafe"? What kills me even more is that nobody manages to spot these mistakes from the owners, to the people who put up the signs, etc. etc. Some may say I'm being pedantic and I probably am but come on! We live in the age of spellcheck don't we? Lol. Being a linguist (ahem!), one of the first things you're taught in any foundations class is to let go of our belief in prescriptive grammar and embrace descriptive grammar. I tried is all I can say. I may have become more descriptive in my grammatical views but if you're gonna have the cheek to proudly display something in order to entice me into your place of business, at least let me know that you bothered to press F7! Nevertheless, it's a tiny habit of mine to document these moments of unintended humour on the mean streets of London lol. So expect more of these whenever I feel the urge....

For those of you who share my little obsession, check out for more laughs along the same lines.


2 opinionated people have something to say:

Madeline said...

lol! I know! It's a joke. Why should I be convinced by the fact that you'te running a respectable establishment if your signage is not respectable. Some people have a nerve DO NOT have the right to run a business!

Koko said...

Hear hear! I have the same obsession. The misuse of apostrophes in signs is annihilating my sanity.

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