It's Just a TV Show!

When we watch a t.v. show, we can sometimes get quite emotionally involved with the scenes we see on our screens. But, those emotions (usually) end with the closing credits. However, the drama EastEnders provided us with on Thurdsday night left quite a (long lasting)impression on its audience. You can imagine my curiosity on Thursday night, after a long day at work, when I logged onto facebook ( at approximately 9.10pm) to find a extensive list of EastEastenders related comments on my newsfeed. As someone who had abandoned the show for months, I didn't know what the big storyline was, but whatever it was had left people angry and heartbroken! Ok, so I must confess, my curiosity was let's just say, I watched the BBC3 repeat at 10 o'clock. (ssshhh! that's between me and you) Anyway, after seeing Danielle get mauled down en route to Ronnie's open arms , I couldn't help but join the ranks of broken hearts. Even I felt cheated, and I hadn't even been following the show for the last eight or nine months it took for the poor girl to say the words "you're my mum"!
So, on went my laptop at 11.01pm, so I too could vent. "EastEnders better rewrite the script", I wrote as my status. But the next day, when I realised that someone had gone and created a group "Bring Back Danielle from EastEnders" (or something like that), with over 6000 members (I kid you not) it left me thinking "wow! is it that serious?". People are proper pissed off with the BBC! People had posted all sorts of comments such as "Boycott EastEnders" and "BBC should write her back in the script". I mean, what were they expecting? A pastor and the Holy Ghost fire to bring her back? lol. However amongst the brouhaha was the one voice of reason. The obviously most sensible member of the group posted "has anyone considered that the girl who plays Danielle probably had other things to do in life?". Mmm...he has a point you know. It is, afterall, just a show. Ok, so I may have been sucked in (for a while), but I had common sense knocked back into me.
Without ignoring the fact that what happened between mother and daughter was tragic, it's funny how we let the most trivial of things arouse so much emotion. Look, my point is, "calm down, it's just a t.v. show!"


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Sankofa said...

Haha! Nice post. I too gave in and watched the omnibus. It was good but still typical Eastenders. Some people are serious about their television characters though! Um I know what a certain friend's mum would say: "Get a life!"

Anonymous said...

yes- get a life u people with your easteedredreDeadthing
-the only reason these people write like this is to get these kind of blogger to publish more the deadthing

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

I must confess when I went on to facebook the furore suprised me too but it's nice to know you finally got a grip of your emotions!

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