Now, I've always liked surprises you know, secret birthday parties, unexpected visits, the twist at the end of 'Sixth Sense', just love 'em, I suppose that's why I flick from channel to channel after Neighbours watching Diagnosis Murder then good ol' Murder, She Wrote and sometimes even A Touch Of Frost (or Midsomer Murders). That wonderful element of 'whodunit?' even when you know exactly whodunit, is just so cool! Partaking in collective 'shock' and then being able to just get on with other things is just what one needs on a weekday - oh speaking of which, is that Zeke really dead? I know what I think AND I haven't cheated by going on Neighbours.com- anyway yeah on a weekday I love a good mystery with an obvious surprise thrown in for good measure. The old surprise Birthday is also a good'un, you drive the unsuspecting celebrant around the area 15 times saying, "yeah man we're going home in a minute just gotta buy a glue gun" - or something just as subtle, then you get the call, and then SURPRISE!!!! and the best thing is when they actually are surprised and all your efforts have paid off, I really do love it. So in this vein I decided to keep a secret, everyone loves a surprise right? Even one about the 9 month time bomb ticking away in my ovaries - right? ? ? ?

Ok. maybe not. Well, what could I do? after surprising myself (looking at that stick saying 'merde alors!') The next step was to 'surprise' my nearest and dearest - it was not pretty. It worked though, and although I'm not sure that surprised was the word they would use for what they felt, I do know that they weren't expecting that!
, what did I learn from it all? well, now that the memory's only as painful as period pains (compared to the earlier pain of stage 3 labour it induced in me everytime I thought about it before) I can tell you that I did learn, a lot. If you can't stand the (minimum) 10 hours of labour, stay out of the boudoir, also please know that actions really do have consequences, and not just for yourself, and often what you try to make yourself think is being mysterious is really just hiding, oh and of course : not everyone likes surprises.


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