Flashback to the 90s:1999

We've been reminiscing hard over here on Life... and Living It lately and we thought it was only fair we share. We're working our way back through the 90s and highlighting some of our favourite/ seminal songs year by year. Hope you too enjoy this trip down memory lane. First stop- 1999! In no particular order:

1. Big Pimpin- Jay-Z ft. UGK
No party was complete in 1999 without this song. This was back when Jay-Z swore he'd "never give his heart to a woman" (pre-Beyonce) and he and Dame Dash were tighter than Rick Ross in lycra. Still a banger imho.

2. So Anxious- Ginuwine
Biiiiiiiig tune from Mr. Elgin Lumpkin! He had/ has the "baby hair" game on lock! Timbaland had already started trying to rap over his artists' songs and baggy leather trousers were really having the best year ever...

3. Everyone Falls in Love- Tanto Metro and Devonte
Reggae jam of the year. Hands down! Another one that everybody still grooves to

4. Girl On TV- LFO
How 90s can one possibly get in this song? Boyband? Check! Appearance by wholesome TV star? Check! White boys rapping? Check! For real though this was a summer jaaaaaam and it still brings images of warm sunshine to my mind.

5. What's It Gonna Be?!- Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson
This Hype Williams directed video was the most expensive video at the time, costing approximately $2 million dollars. Ten years on the video remains visually stunning.

6. Unpretty- TLC
Forget No Scrubs and Bills, Bills, Bills, Unpretty was the true female empowerment anthem of 1999. R.I.P Left Eye.

7. If You Had My Love- Jennifer Lopez
J-Lo before she was "J-Lo". Before Puffy. When she used to dance. Before she decided not to actually act in her films. Come back. We miss you. (Look out for C.S.I Miami's Adam Rodriguez- "Eric"- in  the vid)

8. Breathe And Stop- Q-Tip
Nobody could touch Hype Williams for videos this year. Q-Tip had us all nodding our heads like fools. I bet you're doing it now....

9. What These Bitches Want- DMX ft. Sisqo
The antithesis of the female "empowerment" songs of the late 90s. Earl Simmons broke it doooooown. "There  was Brenda; Leticia; Linda; Felicia; Dawn; LaShawn; Arnes and Alicia; Theresa; Monica; Sharon; Nikki; Lisa; Veronica; Karen; Vicky... about 3 Kims!

10. You Owe Me- Nas ft. Ginuwine
A slight cheat as the video wasn't released until 2000 but this song still gets people on the dancefloor. It's an integral part of the "old school jams" set they always play in clubs. With a cameo from Destiny's Child (v2.0), "Nasty Nas" had us all dancing to the sick Timbaland beat.

11. Meeting In My Bedroom- Silk
12. 808- Blaque
13. Colourblind- Counting Crows
14. This Luv- Donnell Jones
15. Get It On Tonight- Montell Jordan
16. I Try- Macy Gray
17. I Wanna Be The Only One- Eternal
18. Maria Maria- Carlos Santana ft. The Product G&B 
19. I Want It That Way- Backstreet Boys
20. Bills Bills Bills- Destiny's Child

Wow I just realised just how much booty was being shook in the videos of '99. I thought the videos these days were bad....


2 opinionated people have something to say:

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

The So Anxious video kills me hardcore, 'Ginuwine 4 UR mind' is such a walking vaseline advert isn't he? Ooooh and that jacket!

U know I love the way Hip-Hop is repping in this flashback! What These Bitches Want and You Owe Me, top jams from my top men of the time, both of whom released two full length (as in minimum 15 tracks) albums. Maaaaaaaaan, those were the days!

"There's a me-eting in my bedroom, bedroom, BEDROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sankofa said...

So girl please don't be laaaaaaate!

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