Flashback: 2000

The year Y2K seems so recent since it’s in the 00’s...then I remember that we are getting to the end of 2009, that’s nearly 10 years! This means I am well within my rights to term some of the following songs as old school classics...they definitely feel old when you hear them!

The R&B Flash

  • Kelly Price - Love Set's You Free
This song featured everyone! Aaron Hall, Babyface, Case, Dru Hill, Kandice Love, LovHer, Montell Jordan (in leather pants! Muhahahaha) & Tamar Braxton...woah! This song sends me right back to secondary school, it was such a jam! But UMG will not allow me embed it, so here’s the Kelly Price & Aaron Hall version. The beat is so reminiscent of the time, I hope it gets you happily grooving like I am now, so here you go...this R&B banger is a bonus track off of Mirror Mirror, Love Set’s You Free.

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  • Ruff Endz - No More

Now if you weren’t feeling this at the time I don’t know WHAT you were feeling! Another solid Y2K R&B banger off of their album Love Crimes, which incidentally had another good song, Missing You, on it.

  • 3LW - No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)

Now even at the time this song was a guilty pleasure even though I was young and it was a big tune just because I always thought they sounded so young! I love it though, reminds me of my first serious crush...shout out to Jerry! LMAO!! And also jamming with my SSSO girls and at ’venture!

  • R. Kelly - Fiesta (Remix) ft. Jay-Z, Boo & Gotti

My days!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr. Robert Kelly smacked it on the TP-2.com album, it was soooo hot. For me so many jams for that year came from this album, the I Wish (Remix) To The Homies We Lost was amazing, as were the I Don’t Mean It Remix, Like A Real Freak and Strip For Me. But back to this song in particular—Day-um! I knew ALL the words, yes I was that sad, c’mon now sing along...After the show is the Afterparty, AND, After the party is the Hotel lobby AND...

  • Jaheim - Just In Case

Back when Ghetto Love was out, Jaheim was on top of the world, his fortunes have since changed and his popularity has perhaps waned somewhat due to his inability to progress as an artist. However, the album was sooo good, I really did think he has the voice of an angel...!

  • Jagged Edge - Let's Get Married

From J.E. Heartbreak, this song along with Keys To The Range and Did She Say were really good. This was a big favourite and I remember everyone vowing that this would be their wedding song! Please note: I went to a girls’ school, I don’t know any guys saying that at the time, but I could be wrong...

  • Joe - Stutter ft. Mystikal

I thought this song was groundbreaking at the time, Mystikal’s delivery was fire and it was like waking up sleepy generally boring-love-song-singing Joe to a whole new world of R&B. And his bank balance didn’t suffer for it, either! From the R&B classic album My Name Is Joe (random thought: Have you seen the cover? He looks like such a sleaze!).

  • Kelis - Caught Out There

Who didn’t scream along with this, ladies? If you say no, you lieeeeeeeeeeeee! Ah, this song could appeal in various moods...it appealed to pissivity of the highest order, to those days you just wanna crank it up and scream for no apparent reason and when you wanted to listen to mad production. These were the days before everyone had been done by the Neptunes and it was an amazing track off of Kaleidoscope...Caught Out There.

  • Kelis - Get Along With You

I didn’t know this had a vid! This was my favourite song off the album, Kaleidoscope. So here you go...

  • Lucy Pearl - Don't Mess With My Man

Lucy Pearl...just saying the name makes me smile. So sad there was only one album, because I really liked it, but such is life. Don’t Mess With My Man was one of those tracks that got you neck rolling thinking about if she dared to even think about messing with your man....lol, I was how old at the time, like 14? LMAO, I could still relate!

  • Pink - There You Go

Another solid R&B album of the time, Can’t Take Me Home, spawned this megahit. The album was sick, this song was sick and the video was sick...especially when she rides the bike into the window, plus I think she looks real sexy with that hair. Wow, memories of when people used to discuss if Pink was fully white or ‘had some black in her’ a la Charlie Baltimore, LOLS!

  • Next - Wifey

Y2K was the beginning of the mainstream success of R&B, and a good time too because R&B was still good then (arguably it’s a bit rubbish now)! And Wifey is a key jam of the time, it was played everywhere at every party and we loved it. I must admit that by 2004 I hated it but recently I have been listening to Welcome II Nextasy and I remember how it used to sound and why I loved it. Now that album was...woah...hmmmm, sex album anyone?

  • X-2-C - Bonafide

This song features on Save The Last Dance, a film I loved at the time and still quite like now. I bought the soundtrack to the film such was my love for that film and this was one of my favourites off the album and the film. My Window by Soulbone was great as well, I know you’re all thinking shouldn’t Shaka Demus and Pliers, Ice Cube or Fredro Star remind me of the film...ok yeah they do, but this was a better song. I was became soooooo sick of You Can Do It!

Soon come, with the rest of the Y2K jams, gotta cut this before it gets way too long. Plus, I’m off to have a Y2K R&B par-tay!

Bye people,


Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens


6 opinionated people have something to say:

Kwadwo Ofori-Mensah said...

I so remember these jams, i was in JSS in Kumasi and you could not miss these records are parties!

Sankofa said...

Hahahaha people were trynna make Pink trace-black by force!

I actually only liked a few of the songs on Ghetto Love but Jaheim's voice is Teddy Pendergrass reincarnated.

Jagged Edge were my boys and I was always firmly on their side in the whole Jagged Edge vs. 112 debate.

This remix of "Stutter" smacked it! Look at Joe trynna get his trendy on!

Finally I just noticed that the "Fiesta" remix had that ONE dark-skinned video ho who was the token in everybody's video. 112, Dwele, you name it she was there!

Sankofa said...

Oh yeah, the X2C song was rubbish then and it's rubbish now! The only good part was the 1st verse :-D

I've got "No More" stuck in my head now....

Sankofa said...

"Love sets you freeeeeeee!"

Ok I've got it out of my system now. Lol

Sankofa said...

Ok last one. As much as I loved "Let's get married" it was NOT going to be any wedding song of mine. How unromantic was the line "we ain't getting no younger so we might as well do this"? Um. Just no.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

@ Kwadwo Ofori-Mensah - these were some of my favourites, too. Especially love set's you free, did I miss any out?

Lols @ Sankofa about Let's Get Married, it was just one of those lines people sang out LOUD and totally ignored the implications of (remember the line in So Solid 21 seconds...'worship the ***** red is my best colour'? same thing!). JE over 112 any day (all because ofur mate Slim...WOR-ORLD, WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!)

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