Songs To Cry To pt.2

Didn't I promise you a part 2? Get your box of kleenex and your cup of tea ready. Here we go:

6. Lesson Learned- Alicia Keys ft. John Mayer

One of the highlights of As I Am and a bonafide "break-up song". Ms. Keys and Mr. Mayer give us pure perfection in this melancholic song.

7. The ice was getting thinner- Death Cab For Cutie

Perfect example of the type of songs to expect from the poster kids of the emo movement. Documents the point in a relationship when you realise that the whole relationship was built on air and there's no longer anything to hold on to.

8. I'm Done- Tweet

Little-known Tweet song from her second album It's Me Again. It showcases her beautiful, airy voice with lyrics that tell of the point everybody reaches when you decide that you and Love are on a serious hiatus.

9. Wasted time- Me'shell NdegeOcello

Yes another Me'shell song. The whole of Bitter is certified "dust and sackcloth" music, I'm telling you!

10. I'm a mess- Anthony Hamilton

Mr. Hamilton's gritty voice is at its absolute best here. How can you not feel the man at the beginning of the second verse (1:39) when he wails "I'm a mess right now. I can't eat can't sleep. Bills are piling high, ain't worked in three weeks"?

Hope you enjoy these selections. Maybe we'll have some fun next time with "Songs that make me happy". One can only cry so much!


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Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

I love some of these songs to death and they are a solid part of my Misery soundtrack...dust and sackcloth is a better name thou!

Lesson Learned is a new classic of this misery genre!

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