In Defence of Emanuel Adebayor

I can't believe I'm actually writing this post. I am a life-long, die-hard Liverpool fan and everybody knows that Arsenal is the team I hate most in this world (followed closely by Manchester United). I also have no particular feelings either way or another for Manchester City. However, I've been reading/ hearing all sorts of rubbish today about Adebayor's behaviour towards Arsenal today and I thought I'd throw in my two cents.

Quick recap of the background story before the game today:

Emanuel Adebayor just signed for Man City from his former club Arsenal this summer after publicly declaring his desire to leave said club. Basically Adebayor said he would like to play for AC Milan because he felt as though he was being treated unfairly at Arsenal and this abviously did not help to endear him to the Arsenal fans who had already turned against him. The deal with AC Milan fell through but he eventually ended signing for Man City at terms that were more than agreeable to both clubs.

Ok, now keep in mind that the Arsenal fans have given this man all kinds of abuse both before and after her expressed a desire to leave the club. One "fan" even attacked him at an airport amidst accusations of his laziness whilst at the club. Now some may argue that this abuse was/ is warranted given his outspoken declarations against Arsenal. Fair enough. However, I feel that if one can dish it out, one must be able to take it too.

This brings me to today and Arsenal vs. Man City. Now keep in mind that this game has been hyped up to no end and the entire footballing world is waiting with bated breath to see how Adebayor will handle himself against his former club. Footballing wise, Adebayor thrives under the pressure and scores a goal against his former team-mates. In celebration, Adebayor runs to the Arsenal fans, who have been booing him incessantly throughout the match, and slides on his knees, arms held out in jubilation. This clearly riles up the Arsenal fans who respond by hurling any available missile at him. In a post-match interview, Adebayor apologises (without any urging) to the Arsenal fans he offended and admits that his emotions ran away with him.

Now this is football. Arsenal fans have been giving this man stick for months now, booing his every touch, hurling insults etc. etc. and now they want to get up in arms when he decides to rub their noses in it a little? Like I said, don't dish it out if you can't take it. I've heard criticisms bemoaning the fact that as a professional football player, he is a role model to kids and blah blah blah. Please! He's a mere man who happens to be a good football player. If you're looking to a random stranger to be a role model to your children, may I kindly suggest that there is something quite wrong with you? These same people accusing him of being a poor role model, are the same people who today, displayed such acts of classlessness by throwing missiles at him, spitting, etc. etc. Yeah, great role model you are.

Now after all this, I have to admit that I don't even like Adebayor. The man is a whiner and you all know how I feel about grown men whining.... His actions towards his former team-mate Robin van Persie were questionable at best and each angle of the video replay tells a different story as to whether he deliberately stamped on his face. However, I have to say that I really felt Adebayor today. Like him or not, his reaction after scoring that goal made me very very happy inside.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments!

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4 opinionated people have something to say:

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

Are we really conversing on SANITY and Arse-nal FC? They are illogical, but to be fair Adebayor was a nightmare player for them in that I have little respect for whingers like him. I don't think the Arses (club not necessarily supporters) did him bad when he was one of them and LOYAL. But he became annoying to the fans as Drogba can be for Chelski fans or Ronaldo was to me (MUFC 4 life!).

But to accuse him of goading was a tad unfair and he did the BEYOND decent thing to apologise for 'getting carried away', he didn't have to and to be honest he didn't need to. What are Arsenal, crying about? WHAY ARE THEY ALWAYS CRYING?!

Thandeka said...

*But...y do you h8 Man U? It's a gr8 team!!!

Sankofa said...

Great team my foot! Lol my hatred for them is as irrational as my hatred for Arsenal. Football's an irrational sport so I don't feel bad. But seriously though, I originally hated them because I though all their "fans" were glory hunters. Those are the same people who suddenly switched their allegiance to Chelsea (Chelski) with the advent of the Abramovich millions.

Sankofa said...

@Nsoromma Arsenal are professional "cryers". Did you read Van Persie's 4-page letter detailing his broken heart and hurt feelings. The violins were out in force!

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