Three-Part Afro Haiku

Am I afro-cen...

...tricked in then out of slave-ry
by my afro hair?

why do tight curls and
wider combs mean i pour a
libation to gods

I just want my hair
to grow and not to burn caked
in lie!


5 opinionated people have something to say:

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

Haiku, a good one too! Memories of school, I wanna write one now!

Have u been getting the 'you've gone natural and so r into mother earth, crap?'

Sankofa said...

Nice one luv. No-lye all the way, I lie? Lol

Afrocentric said...

I like the no-lye, no lie bit too!!

Abena said...

ladies! how nice to see all of u in one place. well almost e'one. none of u have any contact links on ur homepages.

i wanted to know if any/all of u would be willing to be my beauty of the week sometime soon? real names are not necessary but pictures are.

Friday's Afro said...

Abena, I wouldn't mind, I've always been a bit vain lol!

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