Let It Die

This is something I wrote to help me start getting over someone who I was never with but have been finding it really hard to get over. It's ALWAYS the ones you don't expect...

Should I just let it die.

This thing we've tried

I poured myself into you

I tried so hard.

And you could be the medicine to my pain

But you can't

I thought maybe I could be your love

And I can't

I thought it would work.

But it's not.

I don't think you're not ready.

I think that it's just me.

And you.

We don't quite fit.

But maaaaaaaaaaaan seeing you with another will kill me,

I'll be so jealous,

Because I think you will try,

But you wouldn't with me.

I think you'll love her

But you couldn't love me.

Why is the timing always wrong?

My ex? Your Uni? Your Baby?!?!?!

It's not meant to happen.

It's just not.

I thought it would work.

I thought one day I would be your love

And I can't

And you would medicate my pain

But you can't

I did try hard

I poured myself into you.

But this thing we've tried

We should just let it die.

Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens


4 opinionated people have something to say:

Sandu Grecu said...

nice blog

Kodjo said...


Sankofa said...

This made me sad :-(

Shels said...

que sera sera, whatever will be will be...n if its not then its not.

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