How does a modern woman survive in this Jungle of life? Where can she find time to be and do all the things she has to?
She's cooking low-salt high-fat nutritious, delicious and balanced meals for the boy, low-fat low-salt, reduced this, reduced that for her mother, will go to Canterbury three times a week, find someone to pick up said boy from nursery and Lord let's not even mention her diet (next week promise!), she hardly has time to take a bath, eek! PRESSURE!

This is a question I'm starting to ask myself, I'm a mother, a graduate, a masters student and..... BROKE! Trust me, I was living the dream, "popping" into Topshop here, H&M there, until about two weeks ago, when I realised that all those £1.50 potted flowers I was buying from Lewisham market (amongst a myriad of other things) were NOT actually going to be any help in trying to pay for the three-to-eight years of education I was considering (masters x2, phD then world domination, oh and somewhere in there marriage and more children). So the next few days will see me writing to numerous charities who might help if I fulfil the requirements which range from living in Lewisham borough to aiming to study in Turkey, and other such randomness.
Blimey! and as if that's not enough I've got baby-daddy's mama drama fresh from le Diamant, Martinique, if this woman doesn't stop telling me my child is 1.fragile, 2. at danger from sitting in his pram or 3. retarded because he's not walking yet, I'm going to have to go up at the next altar call --- Jeeeeesus forgive me!

Anyway, yeah that's all, I was trying to not rant on this blog, and that's partly why I haven't written for ages (partly - don't hit me Nsromma and Sankofa), but it's all I've got. I'm going to make a cuppa and watch Monk now.
I'm rinsing Hillsong's 'Desert Song' right now because this a dry patch but you know These dry bones will live!

"All of my life in every season you are still God I have a reason to sing"

Good day to you all


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Nsoromma...Child of the Heavens said...

Nice post 'Fro...even though it took a while. ANYHOOO, no one ever seems to know how they do it (survive) they just do and ur doing a great job! I think ur a wonderful mother and just generally great person. Baby-daddy-mama needs to STEP off and everyone needs to rant sometimes. It feels good doesn't it?

The pale observer said...

Great blog ladies! I'm your newest follower (and also a Ghana Blogging member!)

Holli in Accra

Sankofa said...

Welcome Holli! Love your blog too.

@Friday's Afro (Cue Bette Midler) Did you ever know that you're my heeeeeeero?!!! Seriously though, I admire you so much. You've dealt with some things so gracefully and maturely. Things that would have crushed lesser people. You're an absolutely wonderful mother and you have your act together education wise as well. What's there to complain about? Some people who wish to chime in from across the Caribbean need to go and... (I would finish this sentence but I've been told to respect my elders lol)

The pale observer said...

Thanks! :)

Friday's Afro said...

Gosh guys thanks (i'm blushing!) thanks Holli , supporting you too. its good to have a (relatively) safe and strangely private forum to rant.

The pale observer said...

I agree! Ranting on a blog is the best :)

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